download button link to 3ds emulator

Currently, the emulator runs on Windows PC. Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS versions are planned and will be ported in early 2014. For full system requirements, click here.

How to Install

There is actually no installation process. Follow the steps below if you are a newbie and need instructions on how to download and run 3DS Emulator Pro for the first time.

(1) Download the emulator.
(2) The file is compressed, so you will need to extract it. 7-zip is a good program for this.
(3) You will find the files 3ds-emulator-pro.exe and manual.txt
(Optional) Read the manual.txt to learn the basics of running and using the program.
(4) Double click 3ds-emulator-pro.exe to run the program.

About Nintendo 3DS Emulation

Emulation for Nintendo 3DS has been a daunting task for anyone to tackle because there are virtually no documentations for its hardware. Not only this, Nintendo was fanatical about sealing off their hardware and their source codes. This is why there is virtually no working emulator for Nintendo 3DS that has hit the market.

Until now.

Formed by two veteran hacker, 3DS Emulator Pro is a humble attempt at creating a working emulation program for Nintendo 3DS game console. Under development since 2012, the project has been making a slow but steady progress behind the scenes.

Now our team is ready to release the very first working version of emulation software for Nintendo 3DS.

This free software is rough around the edges but it currently runs on all Windows PCs. Mac versions will be announced early 2014.

3DS Emulator Pro is able to run several commercial games (current game compatibility list can be found here).