What is 3DS Emulator Pro?

3DS Emulator Pro is the one and only working Nintendo 3DS hand-held game console emulation software for PC and MAC OS X. Currently, it can play an impressive amount of commercial 3DS game titles, as well as demos and homebrew roms.

The emulator uses an innovative software technology to emulate and translate the 3D effects screen into a fully playable 2D mode. 3DS Emulator can simulate the true 3D effects but it is currently in a Alpha stage and not compatible with most game titles.

It is easy and simple to get started with 3DS Emulator. The package file you download is a stand-alone program, meaning no installation is necessary. Just run the program, select the game rom you want to play and off you go!

Main Features

Here are the key features that are currently functioning. For the comprehensive list of all the features, go to the Features page.
  • Dual Screen Mode in 2D (Top Screen Resolution: 800 x 240, Bottom Screen Resolution: 320 x 240)
  • 3D Screen Implementation (requires 3D Glasses - highly experimental)
  • Memory Card Virtualization (1GB)
  • Game Controller Support (PC Only)
  • 2 Channel 44khz Stereo Sound
  • Camera emulation for Photo and Video

System Requirements

Currently, the emulator is compatible with Windows PC and Mac OS X Only. Due to the highly demanding nature of Nintendo 3DS, you will need a beefy system to run the emulator in full working mode. Minimally, you will want the following specification:
  • Dual-Core CPU 1.5 GHz+
  • 1GB Memory
  • Integrated Graphics Card or 3D Graphics Card with 128MB RAM
  • 12MB Hard Drive Space
  • Bios file for 3DS
Click here for full list of system requirements and recommended system specs.